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Life Core

Are you stuck?

Looking for direction?

Unsure of your purpose?

Our passion is helping people gain a clearer view of their core values, beliefs and uniqueness; so they can live intentionally to produce results congruent with their core identity. Thats fancy lingo for, "We can help!"

Character Qualities

Outlook (Worldview)

Role Models

Experiences (skills, gifts, personality) order to uncover your unique core

An individualized course to examine:
Specific assessments to gain insight into your core uniqueness
Options include: (Some require additional fees)
Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), Enneagram,
Core Values Assessment, StrengthsFinder, 
Conflict Modes Indicator, Spiritual Gifts Inventory
Are you feeling stuck? 

Have you hit a wall?

Not sure how to move forward?

This individualized, personal coaching, will help you decide the next step to impact any life area. 

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